Restore Relationships and Regain a Sense of Peace

Affective LCSW is launching new parenting classes

Are you tired of the constant fighting? Does your house feel more like a warzone than a home? Put an end to the tension, and learn how to deal effectively with your children’s emotions.

In addition to parenting courses, Affective LCSW offers:

• Teenagers and young adults group – speak up and share what’s on your mind in a safe environment

• Recovery groups (English) – a healthier life starts now

• Relapse prevention – keep taking steps in the right direction

Call us at 347-788-3775 for more information on course availability and open enrollment for each group.

Take advantage of an innovative counseling approach

Affective LCSW is happy to provide immediate appointments and weekend classes. We also treat sex offenders and batterers. This community-minded approach strives to keep batterers accountable and protect victims from future harm. Join us on our mission to end domestic violence once and for all. You can forge a better future.

Identify Signs and Stressors

we provide a structured step by step plan to identify parental abuse issues using the ABC model, marking the steps to nurturing healthy family relationship.